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Wheeled Bin Recycling

Poineer Polymers run one of the UK’s most reliable and cost-effective wheelie bin recycling operations, promising you fast collection services throughout the country, thanks to our extensive network of Recycling Associates. We can process everything from the smallest household size wheelie bin to 1100-litre commercial waste bins.

The recycling of end-of-life wheelie bins is just part of Our commitment to ensuring the UK meets its annual, plastic recycling target. We provide an efficient, nationwide service to local authorities, waste management companies and commercial organisations; collecting and actively recycling all their thermoplastic waste and plastic raw materials.

UK-wide Collection Service

Regardless of your location, Poineer Polymers can rapidly arrange collection of unwanted wheelie bins directly from your site. No need for you to wash them - we simply ask that all bins are emptied and that smaller wheelie bins have axels and wheels removed for stacking purposes (1100-litre bins can be stacked with axels and wheels intact), or waste disposal costs will have to be passed on to you.

Our standard collection is via 40-foot articulated curtain-side trucks* with maximum loads of approximately 100 x 1100-litre bins or 600 x 240-litre bins. The 1100-litre units should be stacked at 3-4 high and 240-litre at 9-high.

Our recommend forklift trucks are used to facilitate fast loading and unloading of lorries, although we are usually able to make alternative arrangements if this is not possible, provided you inform us on ordering.

Our Environmental Commitment

At Poineer Polymers we are passionate about protecting the environment which is why we have developed a UK-wide network of Plastic Recycling Associates, rather than adopt the model of a single recycling facility, to which unwanted wheelie bins are transported by road from all over the country. We insist on using a plastic granulation service as close to your collection point as possible, significantly reducing transportation distances and our carbon footprint. Our logistics managers also optimise the load on each truck, often meaning we can collect smaller quantities than rival companies.