Selling To Us

Selling To Us

At Poineer Polymers Ltd , we work in partnership with our Associates to facilitate plastic recycling throughout the country. The extent of this UK partner network means that we have the infrastructure to purchase a far broader range of plastics than that offered by many of our competitors.

Besides accepting many different grades of plastic, we can receive them in various forms, including original scrap or waste plastics processed into shred, regrind granulates. Whatever type of plastic you need to recycle, Poineer Polymers ltd can help. If you are unsure of what type of plastics you have, our customer service team will be able to identify them through photographs or samples.

We Purchase Post-industrial and Post-consumer Plastics

Poineer Polymers Ltd are experienced in collecting and recycling waste plastics from various commercial and industrial sources. Post-industrial plastics may include rejects, over-runs, off-cuts and extrusion scrap. Post-consumer plastics often comprise of packaging, coat-hangers, crates, drums, pots, trays, bottles and their caps.

Because we work in partnership with many Recycling Associates, processing usually takes place locally in the UK, to reduce our carbon footprint, keep costs to a minimum and to enable us to ensure quality control. A combination of leading-edge technology and established processes are employed to ensure your plastics are efficiently sorted, washed, dried, granulated and send to leading UK recycling associates.

We Offer Useful Flexibility in Waste Collections

Our national network allows us to offer recycling of relatively small volumes of waste without compromising on our commitment to protecting the environment and keeping transport costs low - savings we can then pass on to you. It remains a logistical aim to regularly move trucks fully loaded but we are pleased to offer competitive quotes for smaller waste consignments. If you are an organisation with only sporadic need for plastic recycling or perhaps even a one-off requirement, Poineer Polymers will come up with a cost-effective arrangement to suit you.

Our Commitment to Quality

Poineer polymers ltd always strive to supply the highest quality raw materials to both our customers and our Recycling Associates, combining maximum recycling rates with minimum waste levels. This is achieved through requesting that waste plastics we collect from customers be of the same type and from the same source or process.

Advice on Packing Waste Plastics for Collection

It is important that you prepare your waste appropriately, to ensure it can collect and delivered by our drivers safely and in good condition. It is standard procedure to palletise plastics for ease of loading and unloading by forklift. If you are unfamiliar with these logistical procedures, kindly call our customer service team for advice before ordering. Suggested packaging for common types of waste is listed below:

Common packaging

  • Scrap - metal cages or stillages, boxes, industrial skips, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs).
  • Regrinds/pellets - FIBCs, 25kg sacks or bags, octoboxes.