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About Us

We are committed to providing an environmentally-friendly, commercially viable alternative. The recovered scrap plastic rapidly sorted, blended and processed into the raw materials required to make brand new products.

Poineer Polymers Ltd will purchase various types of packaging waste ,unwanted plastic, manufacturers' waste, end-of-life products, redundant stock, lengths of pipe, wheelie-bins and bottles.

If you are unsure and want help about the type of plastic you have or require further information, please give us a ring .A friendly helpful team will support you/guide you on this.

Poineer Polymers with the help of its UK recycling partners, also supply a variety of recycled plastics. These include engineering polymers such as Acrylics, Nylons, Acetal and Polycarbonates.

Currently we are producing 100-125T/month granulated plastic and supply to UK manufactures.

Our Focus is to encourage plastic recycling and increase our production to 250T/month on next year.

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Our Environmental Statement

Poineer Polymers Ltd is committed to minimising the negative impact of its activities upon the environment. Landfill will be the last option, wherever viable we will always recycle, recover or re-use material.

We will always ensure full compliance with relevant environmental legislation as a minimum.

We aim to continually develop products and services for our customers to help improve the environment.

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